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The KenavHome team
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The concept

What is KenavHome ?

KenavHome provides coliving spaces in Rennes. We offer large houses with garden designed for coliving. Roommates pay a fixed monthly rent that includes all the services they may need. The community life is governed by a set of rules that are all accepted by the roommates who rapidly become friends.

Where are the KenavHome houses located?

All our houses are located in Rennes in areas close to the city center, shops, transportation and parks.

Will there be coliving outside of Rennes one day?

For the moment, all our houses are in Rennes but we are thinking of conquering the West!

How long has KenavHome been around?

KenavHome exists since September 2021 and we propose to this day 31 accommodations distributes in the 3 residences

Who is behind KenavHome?

We are a team of 3 people driven by the same desire to offer an unforgettable living experience to our residents.

Is there a minimum stay at KenavHome?

There is no legal minimum duration of stay at KenavHome. However, we ask the candidates to plan for a minimum duration of six months to allow a real community life to exist. But as life is sometimes made of unforeseen events, it is possible to leave before the end of the first six months with a one month notice.


What is included in the monthly rate?

The price displayed for each KenavHome house corresponds exactly to what each Resident will pay per month: no bad surprises! This price includes rent, utilities, electricity, water, fiber optic internet, home insurance, civil liability and all services. There is also cleaning in the common areas, as well as a Netflix  subscription and activities organised for you. We also provide maintenance and upkeep of your home and equipment.

Are all the rooms at the same price?

No, at KenavHome, the prices of our rooms are not all the same because our rooms are not all the same but you will always find a double bed, a desk, a chair, storage space and a private bathroom with toilet.

Can I pay my rent without the services?

No. KenavHome offers an all-inclusive rate. It is not possible to pay just the rent of the room, or to choose among the services offered.

Is there a security deposit?

Yes. Residents sign a furnished lease, and in accordance with the law, a security deposit is required.

Are there any agency fees?

Depending on the room, agencies fees of maximum 250 € may apply

When is the rent to be paid?

Rent is due at the beginning of each month between the 1st and the 5th. Upon move-in, rent is pro-rated to the date the Resident moves in (the date the lease begins).


Am I covered by insurance at KenavHome?

All residents are covered by a home insurance and a civil liability. This insurance also covers the Residents for remote work.

Do I have to pay the housing tax?

As in any other accommodation, each Resident present on the first of January on the lease is liable for his or her share of the council tax for the coming year. We can help you manage this issue between roommates.

What type of lease do I sign?

Residents of KenavHome homes sign an individual furnished lease. This is a very common type of lease for shared housing.

Are the houses eligible for CAF aid (APL, ALS...)?

Like any housing, KenavHome houses are eligible to the CAF aids. The amount of these aids depends on the profile and the personal situation of the Residents, they are the ones who must make the steps with the CAF to benefit from it, but we can accompany them!

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